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    Oliver told Felicity she’s never going to lose him but then within 48 hours he tells her that he chooses the Arrow over her and that he chooses death over a life with her. As much as I love him, Oliver deserves to have his heart broken by Felicity. I can’t express how proud I am of my baby girl Felicity Smoak


  2. Oh God, you guys!


    When Felicity tells Oliver that she’s not going to wait with him, he shudders and it’s almost like he’s going to cry.  He knows in that moment that he’s losing her and he’s totally gutted by it, but still he won’t go after her.  



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    Every time I see “fanservice”, I’m going to refer to this post


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    Brandon is shirtless in 3.07 and the fern makes its reappearance.

    Cue Ray and Felicity sleeping together and then the camera panning to Oliver watering the houseplant.

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    How to relationship.

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    my entire life

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  8. Crazy Body Paints! Can you see the person camouflaged?

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  10. 2x14 // 3x02

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  11. Arrow Meme | eight villains [8/8]

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    a gifset per episode - dummy (1.02)  

    "What? You love secrets. You want to marry secrets and have little half-secret, half-human babies."

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    The client of a web app called me at 7am, irate and screaming at me that the web app is down. I logged in with no issue and checked the logs to find no outages. I checked the site to make sure the DNS was up. It was. Everything seemed fine, so I called the client for clarification.




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